May 24, 2011

Life Imitates Art- Green Lantern

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Call me simple, but when it comes to being entertained I prefer being taking in by a writers prose and words, reinforced with an artists illustrations as they were imagined and intimately crafted by a small team (colorists, inker, editor, et al) that has an authenticity to it-- a signature that is easily recognizable after spending enough time with the source material-- by all of that I mean the comicbooks.

Flashback to 2004-06 when a bunch of creators you may have heard of...Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, Peter Tomasi, Eddie Berganza, Dave Gibbons, Patrick Gleason, Dan DiDio, Ivan Reis and more helped to craft a world where this second string hero with a green power ring would be elevated to Batman-status.  I was sucked in around 2007-08. 

Alright so we are back to 2011, the world hasn't ended and my boxes of Green Lantern comics be it works of Gil Kane, John Broome, Neal Adams, Denny O'Neil, Alan Moore, Ron Marz, Doug Mahnke, Joe Prado, Tony Bedard, Fernando Pasarin and the aforementioned GL creators rivals my shelf space of all of my years of Bat-books from my childhood, so I guess that Johns and the rest of DCE would be happy with that success right?  Wrong.

So they got this movie coming out in less than a month, called Green Lantern.  The flick stars Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, Angela Bassett, Peter Sarsgaard and a bunch of other fine actors.  Put your hands in front of you in a 90 degree angle, palms inward and bring them down to your waist in a waving motion chanting dududuhduh (via Waynes World-- this should make you forget about all of those other GL trailers, minus the Wondercon footage)...this is the only trailer you need to see.

The introduction of the vast, intergalactic scale of the Green Lantern Corps in this trailer made me think of how any book with the GL brand has become like coffee and cigarettes in my life.  A very, very bad habit to kick.  The production budget of Green Lantern is now at around $160 million, $20 mil less than Batman Begins and about $100 mil lower than the supposed Dark Knight Rises purse.

So GL is no Bats, but with Superman and Wonder Woman equating to small/big screen failures of late-- DC and WB Entertainment obviously has a lot riding on the mainstream success of the GL brand.  For me, I am definitely sold on it being a hit not only cause I am well, vested-- but the fantastic new footage rawks and if Geoff Johns says its good, well it just is. 

In Sinestro we Trust.

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