May 23, 2011

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- "Kidnapped"

8:28 PM

The Uncanny X-Men #145
Marvel Comics Group, May 1981
Writer: Chris Claremont     Artist: Dave Cockrum & Joe Rubenstein

Name what other comicbook villian that can take out all of the X-Men single-handedly while holding their beautiful leader Storm in one hand & his pimp-chalice of Jesus-Juice in the other.  Yes, only the ruler of Latveria aka Victor Von Doom.  Even his name has a Snoop Doggy Dog kinda ring to it.

The masterful combo of Cockrum & Rubenstein work it on another classic cover but don't let go of the fab details and timeless style in the interiors.  Gotta love how Doom defeats the X-Men while seducing Ororo over a gastronomic feast-- what a gentleman.  Had to pick this ish from the bins for this month especially with all the love Jonathan Hickman is shining on Doom as the surprise, new member of the Future Foundation.

Only thing that coulda made this ish more ill is a word bubble in all caps saying ENJOY YOURSELF!

Fun Fact:  Dr. Doom is one of the iconic villains and heroes selected in a new Marvel x Stussy clothing collab.  Guess which one I picked up.

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