Apr 14, 2011

toy collectwhore: Thaal Sinestro and GL Hal Jordan

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So after grinding on some 5 Guys Burger this week I meandered across the lot to Toys R Us thinking it would be good walking off some of my fatbastardness.  Cruised down the big-kid aisle said whaddup to some of the regular toyheads and in a trance picked up this incredible exclusive 2-pack that totally went under the radar in all my extensive intel. 

Thaal Sinestro & GL Hal Jordan
Artistic Integrity:   For me this was a must buy not only for the fact that I have yet to own either of these Mattel molds of GL Hal or Sinestro-- that were originally released back in DCU Classics Wave 3 and have since been re-issued as re-paints and with vital changes like increasing Sinestro's height to scale-- but the boxart and packaging was off the chain!

A lot was put into making this jump off the shelf visually as it coincided with the 75th anniversary of DC by reenacting the classic Gil Kane cover of Hal vs. Sinestro that has since been re-imagned by Frank Quitely.  Both of these beautiful comic covers were also on the front and back of the boxart.  Loved how they even made the lantern split in color between will and fear along with the figs each grasping it as if they were fighting over it. 

Green Lantern Hal is the same shiny re-paint that was released earlier in the year and it looks great, though the actual GL logo on the chest is thinner than usual.  Also like how it actually shows his eyes which gives the piece an added amount of detail to match the fantastic work put into Thaal Sinestro.
5 out of 5 shakas

Fun Factor:  I am not quite the purest when it comes to selecting and displaying figs depending on whether it is crafted by Mattel, DC Direct or whatevs-- but the more and more I get my hand on the Four Horseman sculpts-- I seem to sway farther away from DC Direct, though in their defense they have made strides in higher articulation points.  The kicker and cherry on the top of this mighty fine pickup were the included accessories.  On the side of each box was 3 constructs of Will and Fear.

My jaw dropped.  And it made me recall the Mattel Green Lantern display at Wondercon that had each GLC with a different construct in hand.  Sick!
5 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:
It took no time at all for me to find use of those badass accessories that no doubt makes the shelf porn of my Lantern Corps section go from fly to bananas!!  The included constructs of fear are a spiked mace (in Sinestro's hand), a pick axe (Romat-Ru) and a monkey wrench that actually has an adjusting jaw (Maash.)
The Green Lantern constructs of will are a ball & chain that I so appropriately fitted on Salaak, a rifle-cannon that we have seen before included with GL Stewart (also on Arisia) and the crazy saw that had to be equipped to the resident cray-cray Guy Gardner.  As you can see more shelf space is needed.  Ah the toy-whoring will never end will it?!
5 out of 5 shakas

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