Mar 14, 2011

Williams III is Killing It

10:30 AM

Despite the unfortunate double-take pushback(s) of masterless JH Williams III Batwoman title-- we can all say that it is sure to be as sensational, at least visually-- to his initial collab of Kate Kane with the equally brilliant Greg Rucka in Detective Comics Elegy.  JHW3 has done what he can in staving off us crazed fans by supplying the creative process of issues #1-3 from thumbnails to the finished cover on his blog.
Only time will tell as to whether this will be a book that is forever hindered by not meeting deadlines but according to Williams the extended release (to what may be after Summer) will only ensure that a better product is delivered to shops and eventually in our hands.  And from an editorial perspective-- it does make sense to have this book coming out after (since it didn't release beforehand) Flashpoint with it's effects on the whole of the DCU-- though Batwoman has been isolated from big events since Final Crisis.

In the meantime, how about DC releasing us a retail-poster version of  those uber-exclusive Batwoman prints that were available at SF's Isotope Lounge?! 

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