Mar 7, 2011

toy collectwhore: Bane

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With all the excitement of Bane getting another shot at redemption on the big-screen which shouldn't be too hard a task with the talented Tom Hardy on deck in next year's Dark Knight Rises and of course the continued evolution of his character in the pages of Gail Simone's Secret Six-- a felt compelled to grab him off the shelves for a write up.  

Artistic Integrity:   You can't hate on the Four Horseman in going with the classic, 90's version of Bane in wave 16 being it was kinda themed that way coming with a Knightfall Batman and all...but I was a bit turned off that they couldn't have modernized his look a bit more by making his jumpsuit top go higher above his chest and refreshing his mask to reflect more of the luchadore mask with an open mouth and eyes.

Especially with the general look of this figure already being sculpted in 2007 for the DC Superheroes line by Mattel.  Don't get it twisted-- this is a major refresh, upgrade and overall incredible figure four years later-- it's just that you are talking to a  major fan of the more, modernized and less venom-junkie 2.0 version of Bane.

The sickest aspect to Bane besides his sheer size, is his uber detailed hands and gloves.  It is pretty damn ridiculous how identical the mold looks like the illustration by Ariel Olivetti below, yeah?

4 out of 5 shakas

Fun Factor:  Hands down a far superior figure design surpassing the humble 14 points of articulation reached by the earlier cast and not being constricted by that lame squatted position the earlier toy was stuck in.

Also, appreciate how the figure's look is less juiced up with the nasty-roided veins popping out everywhere but from a visual standpoint, the venom pump and gauntlet does add a bit of fun.

Though again, I would have preferred maybe another head option with his mask off ala Deathstroke variant style-- showcasing his tight mohawk.  Come on Mattel...I know you guys were contemplating this!! (Especially with Bane most likely not even wearing a mask in the upcoming sequel).
5 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:
As you can see, his size is on par with his proportion to other DCUC figs-- meaning he is one of the largest figs on the shelves.  Just praying to Buddha that Mattel will add some more of the Six to their future waves-- though their have been hints at a Catman fig coming up in 2012. 

4 out of 5 shakas

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