Mar 8, 2011

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 3.02.11

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Week 1 of March Madness was a doozy with easily the best Young Justice episode yet, a pretty damn cool spin on Smallville with somehow making the Alexander Luthor clone turn out to be Conner Kent/Superboy-- uh-nuh-ah they didn't?!  Yessir!!  Here are some of the adventures I got into while commuting and watching hoops:  Brightest Day #21 / Joe the Barbarian #8 / Green Lantern  #63 / Incognito #4 / Secret Six #31 / Giant Size Atom #1 and Secret Warriors #25 (which was the best ish in sometime)...and here are the choice reads of em all..

3   Secret Six  #31  Gail Simone & J. Califiore 
The Secret Six or shall we say 8, open with a silly recording for a commercial to advertise their niche "services" to the underworld or those being taken advantage of by such, but at a price!   The oddball get-along-gang that is like a nefarious, less than moral version of the Birds of Prey go from one big, ridic challenge to the next.

And in this ish starts their journey to of all places...Hell.

Scandal needs her get out of Hell free card to save her lover- Knockout-- that she finds has been taken by freakshow #1 of the group, Ragdoll.

Bane does his best at calming her down but she is already in the killzone and sends Merkel straight to Hell ( the card he stole was intended for use to help his deceased Parademon pal).  The scene of Merkel's pet monkeys dressed as the Six is some funny shit and wouldn't be surpised if it was their clever way at poking some fun on Marvel (remember those lame variants?  Yeah, me neither.)  The team go to find their own way to hell and realize they are accompanied by the demon-rapper-surpreme Etrigan!  Califiore does some incredible, creative paneling in this one to capture Knockout in limbo and as we expect top-notch scribe work from mama Simone.

2   Giant Size Atom  #1   Jeff Lemire &Mahmoud Asrar
Sure we had a nice wait for the final salvo in Lemire & Asrar's subatomic tales of the Atom, but from what I observed and by inquiring with shops-- looks like many were right with me on following the story through the first special, in the second feature section of Adventure Comics and now with this ish.  Props to DC on a creative means to tell a modernized story on the Atom along with assessing whether there is enough
demand to catapult Ray Palmer back into his own book.  And of course the eventual release of the popular trade format.

In the finale, we got to see a surprise guest in Hawkman give a helping hand to his BFF against the mysterious Colony.  What Carter probably didn't expect was that he-- or more specifically his body would house a major battleground between Palmer and the devious Colony.  We all know that Hawkman doesn't bite it cause he already did so in Brightest Day, which this whole arc precedes.  Kinda sucky that the timing of this book didn't happen before that ish-- but at least we got it..right?

Lemire rocks the quirky stories like no other though I would have liked to see Asrar's visuals take things even more wacky-scientific to make use of this very different science-warrior-superhero concept.  A solid finish to a cool story and very welcome comeback to another silver-age icon.

1   Green Lantern #63   Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke
Johns and Mahnke finally take us past all the New Guardian/Lantern Entity foreplay and give us some backdrop on this mysterious Krona.  Who is being worked out as a very, very interesting & unique character within not only the mythos of Green Lantern but the whole of the DCU.  Great setup on distancing Supes, Batman and the rest of the JLA from Hal so that the focus of this insular war remains galactic but differentiates itself in feel from Blackest Night and works as more of a stage for the Lantern colorguard.
A nice touch to have the cover treatment of GL titled as the Prequel to War of the Green Lanterns.  Just can't get enough of all these superfly Gary Frank covers too.  So...the Guardians beared the White Lantern logos prior to the GL brand huh??  And how about Krona being the creator of the Green Lantern power?!  Krona's willpower canon sure does look like something we have seen before right??  So dope.

See how this can open so many new avenues on origins of the other Lanterns but really digging where Johns is taking us. So will we be seeing the return of some Black Lanterns with the Book of Black being tethered to the New Guardians during their group story-time session?  War of the Green Lanterns..enter the stage!

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