Mar 24, 2011

Rap Power Rankings 03.24.11

3:47 PM

The definitive word on rap's movers and shakers.
1. CunninLynguists Oneirology - The UK Wildcats make the Sweet 16, Justified is the best show on TV and CunninLynguists drop the first serious contender for album of the year. Time for Urban Outfitters to bring back those "Gettin' lucky in Kentucky" shirts.
Download CunninLynguists - Hard As They Come ft. Freddie Gibbs

2. Action Bronson Dr. Lecter - No hooks, no problem. This chef-slash-Ghostface soundalike is steady slobbin' over 15 chorus-free tracks beautifully produced by Tommy Mas. Bronson will change your whole outlook on fat, red-bearded white rappers.

3. Lawrence Taylor - The NFL's greatest sackmaster wants to remind everyone that he was banging prostitutes and messin' with that white girl when Charlie Sheen was still Carlos Estevez. And he doesn't card 'em.

4. Fam-Lay "What's My Name" - What constitutes a rap remake? Just borrowing a chorus or using someone's old beat, or do you have to rap all the lyrics, too? Whatever the case, Fam-Lay one up's Jay-Z's "Jigga" with a harder beat and hungrier lyrics.
Download Fam-Lay - What's My Name

5. "The Bold and the Beautiful" - Can you believe Bill almost killed Amber? Thank god for that loose branch and windy Malibu weather. Katie sounds pissed that Bill was contemplating murder, though.

6. Big K.R.I.T. "Time Machine" - K.R.I.T. will release his latest mixtape/album for free next week, but if his early leaks are any indication, he should have used this as his Def Jam debut.
Download Big K.R.I.T. - Time Machine

7. Rittz White Jesus - It's nice to see fast rap making a comeback, and Rittz is one of the fastest rappers out there. (Insert obligatory mention of his whiteness here.)

8. Dumb-Ass Movies - Is it just me, or do The Adjustment Bureau and The Souce Code both look like rip-offs of Deja Vu (another terrible movie)? What's funny is they all feature some great actors. Way to slum it, guys.

9. Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne "Look at Me Now" - If you have an MP3 of this, do like I did and delete Chris Brown's verse and a half. But don't skip his parts in the video or you'll miss him rocking the disco-ball face. Confused? Trust me, just watch it.

10. My NCAA Tournament Bracket - I picked Pitt vs. Syracuse in the finals, and they both lost in the round of 32. When does the 2012 tourney start?

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