Mar 3, 2011

New Trailer! Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

2:06 PM

Alright so a week old but NEW to us!! Missed the release of the official trailer to DCU Animated's next flick to hit us along with everything else GL branded in June, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.  Hyped for the in-depth look at Abin Sur with Sinestro that should cover a number of retconned Blackest Night seeds dropped by Geoff Johns in his Green Lantern: Secret Origins arc.  Fingers and toes crossed for the inclusion of Abin Sur's famous convo with The Five Inversions on Ysmault that ended up marking his end at the hands of Atrocitus.

Couldn't help but play it thrice to see all the additional footage that was not included in the first look material (with All-Star Superman) and then press pause intermittently to catch some of those quick snippets included to make me hit print screen!! (capture that screenshot yo) and look what we got here!? 
Yes!!! Karu-Sil, Kryb, Arkillo, Romat-Ru and some of the other vicious Sinestro Corps ready to put the the GLC on blast!!!  I really thought that this kinda dope coverage of the other Corps would not be included until the new ongoing animation hit us later in the year.

Nice!  Though the animation character modeling doesn't look all that impressive or different from Green Lantern: First Flight -- so locked in to this films release that of course we all know will include the First Look of Batman: Year One!!!  Bring it DCE!!!

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