Mar 2, 2011

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- Cap & Wolvie

9:40 PM

Captain America Annual #8
Marvel Comics, January 1986
Writer: Mark Gruenwald     Artist: Mike Zeck

This is definitely one of the classic iconic images ingrained in my childhood when thinking about comics.

Mike Zeck held it down as one of the most demanded artists from the mid 80s through the 90's.  This was a time when Wolverine was the talk of the town and on the regular-- came in for cameo appearances on top books and practically took over the ish.  Zeck's works that probably come to mind are Captain America, Web of Spider-Man, Punisher, Deathstroke and of course the event of all mega events- Secret War.  Here is a gallery from his ill clip of covers and posters:

Fun Fact:  Zeck and fellow artist Rick Leonardi designed the black and white costume for Spidey during Secret-War.  Dopeness!

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