Feb 13, 2011

WTF moment of the week- Toy Fair 2011

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This installment of Whoa That's Fresh takes on a cruise of what got us feasting for those art sculpts in 2011-- through day one of Toy Fair, via forums and pics from our fave toy pirate sites at the show-- The Fwoosh, AFI, Action Figure Times, Toyarc and TNI.

Mattel throws out a major stunner by bringing a mix of old & new school versions of The Crime Syndicate of Amerika.  While Ultraman, Power-Ring and Johnny Quick remain retro, Owl-Man and Superwoman are contemporary res that look more in line with Morrison/Quitely's JLA Earth 2 book and the recent DCU Animation- Crisis of Two Earths. 
These DCU badboys will be available as an exclusive Walmart 5 pk in Fall 2011. Just lovin the detail and efforts they put into the twisted suped up Lois Lane and evil Batman doppelganger of the CSA.

Other visual offerings on display from the Four Horseman of Mattel were the highly anticipated, crazy-massive 12-pk of the Legion of Superheroes that I just don't have any shelf space for (how in the hell did they not include Triplicate Girl or Dawnstar? ugh), but DCUC Wave 18 is ill!  For those 80's nostalgia-heads you got part Super Friends with the inclusion of those ethnic-add ins Samurai, El Dorado, Black Vulcan and a C&C Apache (where the hell is Rima the Jungle-Girl?!) on top of some dope O.G. Suicide Squad figs- Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang and  classic Toyman.

Four Horseman really up the ante on how much detail they put into the face and other aspects-- look at the difference in paint used from flat to shiny on Digger's jacket to his gauntlets and check out da boomerangs across his chest- sick yo!
Young Justice lines in both 3 3/4" and 6 " were also on display from Mattel though the promise of the 6' to work withtin the world of DCUC figs is a bit off base...they aren't bad.  Appropriately labeled Select Sculpts for their higher articulation and included accessories-- Aqualad's arsenal is pretty rad.

What got me really pumped was the news of a continued Green Lantern wave 5 and 6 picking up from Blackest Night and Brightest via the most affordable statue pimps out there-- DC Direct!  These aren't the greatest pics out there but peep who DCD is bringing to the shelves!!!

Yes, a redeux of punkass Guy Gardner-- who looks to be the main hero of the Green Lantern War, Soranak Natu-- daughter of Sinestro and thank you for listening on how we wanted this one!! (though it's just a repainted bust of Jade and Dove) still looks nice and finally Blue Lantern Brother Warth!  His character was a must add...speculation on another figure to make the wave.

And though it's cool to see all the GL movie figs, besides the C&C Parallax-- it is all about the comic-inspired molds for reals.  Let's look at those Green Lantern wave 6 now yeah!

The Red Lantern Gardner is a must-own, check his demented buzzsaw construct!  Stel is meh-- agree with most that Mattel C&C version is where it's at.  GL Arkkis Chummuck who is dope, but probably woulda been cooler as a Black Lantern.  Then you have the GL Hal energy construct...a bit indifferent on this.

Finally, they got a GL boxed-set that includes a half Blue/Green GL Hal that is just a great concept, Indigo Tribe Munnk, GL Fatality and, yes!!! a Black Lantern Blue Beetle.  Dope artwork for the pack too.

And last but not least...IMO the showstopper..(drumrolls)

Hasbro strikes lightning twice with the biggest draws for SDCC exclusives.  Last year it was the baddasery of planet devourer Galactus and how do they top that?  No, not with just a giant-sized Sentinel.  You have the G.I. Joe Skystriker repainted as a Generation 1 Starscream. Included will be a Cobra Commander wearing a flight suit and holding a gun mode Generation 1 Megatron!!  Ohhh Emmm Gee!!!  This has to be one of the most creative, ill-fab collabos out there- reminiscent of IDW's GIJoe vs Transformers run.  And expect new boxart in the GI Joe style we all love.  Big lines...here we come!!

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