Feb 10, 2011

New Footage! Young Justice- Denial

9:30 AM

This week's episode-- "Infiltration" continues on with the mystery of who's arrow was retrieved during their battle with Amazo.  Though Robin believed it was Speedy that has possibly turned a corner to join their team-- Green Arrow immediately knocked that by saying it wasn't one of his arrows.  Yes, it was Artemis!

So we will get more background on the mysterious sixth member of Young Justice as she works to free a young genius that has been abducted by the League of Assassins!  Will we be getting a younger Talia Al Ghul as the main villian or will it be Ra's?       

Another curious thing to discuss is why is it that we received no new footage or screens of episode 6, which has been a normal thing released by WB/DC animation??  Hmm...could it be that this is the episode that marks the death of a young hero as promised by Vietti sometime ago?

While many forums believe Artemis as being the first death-- it won't be happening in "Infiltration" as we get to see her interacting with her new teammates in this rough, but cool footage of next week's episode titled "Denial."

Coolness to have a Vertigo character- Madame Xanadu with an appearance and how about Dr. Fate ya'll?!  Hoping that more JSA characters are connected to the story and was that Vandal Savage that pulled the disappearing act with Kent Nelson?  And will Speedy/Red Arrow be kicking the bucket tomorrow?  We shall see!!

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