Feb 9, 2011

if you don't know, now you know- FF = Future Foundation

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Sure it's a reboot but props to Hickman, Epting and the rest of Marvel to go balls out on it by not only busting a makeover, adding Spidey (was that really a surprise?) but re-amping the concept of FF to the Future Foundation.  For those that haven't been reading on since Hickman's hostile takeover-- FF has been filled with ill moments like- Doom saving the day, Reed killing off Galactus, Sue beeyoch slapping Namor in front of all of Atlantis and most notably the death of Johnny Storm.

Hickman is a lover of symbols, weaves a multitude of complex inner-meanings to his stories-- whether it is with his rich love of using history, bombarding readers with a barrage of scientific methods/facts in juxtaposition to confuse/amaze-- or just use a simple concept like a hexagon as a re-brand for Marvel's first fam.  I like the clean application of white for the FF costumes as this hasn't ever been a team that was in the shadows or covert-ops like just about every other team out there.

Marko Djurdjevic's concept designs do signal to being a stormtrooper and Tron mash-up, but hey I love em both anyways.  Now lets get back to the hexagon-- which has been used as a subtle design aspect in the first page inlay summarizing every ish for awhile now.

The hexagon is the only shape that is seen in nature as it is the most efficient use of space and materials (a  beehive), it has obvious connections to science or the microscopic mapping of DNA.  Now isn't that what the FF has always been about?!  A bunch of dorky, genius imaginauts that are out to save the 
world!!  Yes!  Quit hating on those threads ya'll, you need to jyst sit back and enjoy the wrath of this math.  The Fantastic Four is no longer limited to a few but many, with the immediate inclusion of the original Future Foundation-- Valeria, Franklin and Alex Power, Artee and the other pre-pubescent super-genius’.  

Now having Peter Parker jump on, well he fills the comedic role that the Human Torch was known for-- but also we will get to see Spidey go more into his science-nerd, lab-rat ways to keep Reed company and similar to how Beast is used in Secret Avengers-- more for his brain and less for his brawn.  As more deets roll out we will bring it to you and until March-- maybe you can play catch up with some back issues/trades  ; P  Love where this is going yeah?!

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