Feb 23, 2011

Life Imitates Art- All-Star Superman

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Enjoyed the bittersweet release of All-Star Superman yesterday along with all the wonderful goodies that were packaged in the two-disc edition (yep, I am one of those non-Bluray guys).  But as I usually do with these uber-cool DC Animated films-- cannon-balled right into the featurette to celebrate Dwayne McDuffie's final hurrah to us lovers of comics/animation.  Like the comicbook it was adapted from, All-Star Superman is the quintessential film on Clark Kent/Kal-El and his amazing life.  

As promised by the creative team at WB/DC Animation-- this flick is just as emotional, action-packed and faithful to Morrison & Quitely's 12 issue maxi-series, which I truly believed was an impossible feat.  For anytime you experience a book first, especially difficult with the rich visuals of Frank Quitely and layered concepts of Grant Morrison-- its harsh to think the film can be as rewarding, but Dwayne McDuffie brilliantly captures a script that allows us to go through similar emotions and ideas as a viewer.

Sure, there are some components to the book that did not make it's way in the film like the story threads focused on Jimmy Olsen, Supermen of the Future, Bizzaro and Mon-El but the essential relationships between Superman, Lex Luthor & Lois Lane are all in there.

The simple concept of Superman living out his last hopes and wishes before falling to cancer (radiation poisoning from the Sun via Luthor) is a touching, reflective and very humanizing method for us to feel a sense of deep connection to the man of steel.

Top moments of All-Star Superman were quite similar to the book with the jail-scene adventure where Lex is being interviewed by Clark and a little problem like Parasite heightens things.  Of course Lois' birthday where Kal-El shares a day in his life via a 24-hr super-serum making her Superwoman.  It's really not just about the highs and lows of the story that makes the film feel so authentic to the book-- but every nuance and detail in capturing the look and feel of the characters-- such as Clark's clumsy entrance where he is about to be canned and Lex's scene where he is about to lose his powers and realizes how wrong he has been about Superman on just about every damn thing.

The inclusion of "Superman Now," a discussion with Grant Morrison and Dan Didio on the inner-workings, ideals and everything else behind the scenes on the book is just mesmerizing.

I am always at a loss for words on how deep Morrison can go to reach into our inner-psyche and yet re-create our own mundane, day to day in his stories as the thing to celebrate.  He is the man.

And finally, we get a peak behind this Summer's next DC Animated flick with First Look at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights!!!

Really geeking out over how well of a job DCE has coordinated efforts to make the most of this coming Green-Summer that has books, movies, animation (this one and the ongoing on Cartoon Network), videogames and of course the toys speaking to us in the same language!  No more who the hell is Krona?! 

Oh and Laira is being voice-acted by Kelly Hu??!  Hawtness!

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