Jan 31, 2011

Goin Local- Toy Fair 2011

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Toy Fair 2011 will be hitting the NYC in less than 2 weeks and though most of the big companies are keeping things sealed tight until the show, there were some releases with more to hit twitter and the rest of the web until showtime hits February 11th.  Warner Bros. Consumer Products went with the first mover approach on all things GL-related.  Props to Toy News Intl for the assist.

Like many of my toyhead brethren-- never really been a fan of much movie-related action figures as for the most part-- they just don't compare on any level of aesthetics or articulation to the comics-inspired figs.  What these 6' figs do hint at though is my guess that we just might see Hal go Parallax in the end of the film (the 2nd fig on the left does sure look familiar right?).

What really made me bust a geekgasm were these two incredibly crafted accessories that I am sure will be popular with kids of all ages.  First is Mattel's Colossal Cannon, yeah the name is lame-- but the fact that you have a GL construct that forms a hand blaster ala John Stewart-- ILL!!!  I now have the chance to LARP with some of my friend's kids with their Wolverine and Hulk gauntlets.  Second is the NECA Projection Ring that shoots a GL signal up to 50' away.  You know this is just about as dope as the Bat-Signal right?!

Answer?  Yes!!

As for show exclusives, the only thing that is out there right now are two extremely limited figs crafted by none other than Four Horseman Designs.  Though they don't quite pique my interest to the point of dropping a Franklin for the pack, I do so love how their projects outside of Mattel are finding their way into the DCU Classics waves.  Realize how many more extra pieces we have been getting in figs with interchangeable parts...look how they do!!

Though we will be missing the trip to this fantabulous show this year, you can count on us to keep you plugged in via all the cool news/pics as we get them from all of our fave toyspots.

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