Dec 8, 2010

New Trailer! Batman: Arkham City

6:18 AM

For now we got a teaser cinematic that is cool, but not on par with what we have seen in the original trailer for the massive sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. A new, full-length trailer is expected to be shown this Saturday 5pm(PST) at the Video Game Awards on Spike-- where it is likely to win the Most Anticipated Game of the Year Award.  Once we have the code on hand we will throw it up here-- till then Happy New Comics Wednesday!!

UPDATE!! 12-11-2010
Yeah we got it now son!  Thanks to Game Trailers for the HQ res from the World Premiere of Arkham City at the VGAs.  Whoa.  The sick and twisted inclusion of Hugo Strange makes me get even more amped for this sureshot sequel-- but doesn't this all but confirm Hugo Strange as being the villian for Dark Knight Rising?  Thoughts?!

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