Dec 10, 2010

Gift Guide 4 da Urban Geek 2010

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Ah yeah that time again to fight the crowds and shop for those loved ones that you have been neglecting all year.  Ha!  Just playing. Everyone and their mama has a 2010 gift guide highlighting ideas on what you should pick up to wrap and stick under the tree-- and since their are only a few of us around (hip-hop centric nerds that is!) -- here is our Inaugural Gift Guide for the Urban Geek!


In celebration of the Wu-Tang Rebirth World Tour that started here in SF this month, it's time for you to pay homage to all the Gods & Earths that made you recognize the deep, natural connections between cinema (Shaolin Kung-Fu/Gangster), music and how to bust a style that make yo mouth water!

The Wu-Tang Corp. have from the beginning of their hold on the Hip-Hop game rocked the sickest fashion trends and worked their entrepreneurial gift by making everything that beared the Wu-brand-- available to the fans as shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags and even self-management books that you can find on the bookshelves of your bosses.  Pick up any of these choice goods at or their site, you too can be so WU!

3-Stripe Imperial

Two classic brands merge to fuse the sickest collabo ever seen across the Galaxy.

My personal faves of the new line are the classic Stormtrooper Tee (no surprise there yeah?)  and the badass Moff Tarkin/Kenobi reversible Jersey.  Oh you want some?!  Step up. 

Wot da Tech
Urban geeks love the design aesthetics in everything, make a limited edition (aka variant) of it and we are sold.  Just make sure you have enough funds to cover the steep bill yo.  This one is for all of you iPhone4 and iPad whores.

Bay Area based, Element Case creates the most sleek, uber-premium, Q-approved (James Bond reference) accessories for the iFamily of products.  Carbon fiber- check.  Nickel plated- check.  Laser engraved, serialialized editions- optional. $$$$$   

Sophisticated Comics

Sure, AMC is making us wait over 10 months until a full-length season of The Walking Dead.  But look on the bright side.  This gives you until next Halloween to play catch-up on all the source material.  The Walking Dead Compendium is the easiest way to get you through the first 8 volumes (ish #1-48, i think).  And it's not just about reading comics, but knowing all of the layers of story that is being flipped our way that makes us thug.  Learn all about that first-hand from the legends- Stan Lee and Dennis O'Neil.

Happy Holidays C&D fam!!

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