Sep 16, 2010

WTF moment of the week- Another Nick Fury?

10:31 AM

Thanks to Newsarama and Marvel we got a sneak peek of what to expect in next week's new arc in Secret Avengers #5.  For those of you savvy enough to know that Secret Avengers is a must read title--hollah!!-- Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato have been pumping their covert ops thang on a band of heroes that somewhat resembles the 80's Defenders.  Translation- why yes, this is must read sh*t.

If not, you have a great jumping on point to join the cool kids in learning what is the deal with this mysterious Shadow Cabinet and why is Nick Fury running around with them in those silly dragon tights?  In the exclusive preview below, titled "The Secret Life of Max Fury," it looks to show what Fury has been up to between Secret War and just before Civil War.

My hopes are that this is not some clone, skrull, or other doppelganger of Fury that would take away from the impact that this story could make in this new arc.  One other cool aspect of this ish is it reunites the dope creative team (minus Matt Fraction) behind one of my fave books in the last 5 years-- The Immortal Iron Fist.  Looking good yo!

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