Sep 8, 2010

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 9.08.2010

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I just used my friend's time-machine to go back and right some wrongs of the past, like missing last week's round of comic revs!!  Oh so shame.  Here is how I made it through my Labor Day geek-out:  Batgirl #14 / Batman #703 / daytripper #10 / Daredevil #510 / Batman and Robin #14 / Green Lantern #57 / Justice League: Generation Lost #9 / Booster Gold #36 / Adventure Comics #518

5   Daredevil #510  Andy Diggle/Andy Johnston & Marco Checchetto
All of the craziness of Shadowland is now hitting the psyche of residents in Hell's Kitchen- causing a wave of chaos, which push the Avengers to agree in joining in the ranks of Matt's nemesis-- Kingpin-- in taking out DD.

Diggle all but secures Daredevil's transformation to the legendary Beast of the Hand with one of the last sources of conscience for Matt- Black Tarantula, getting wacked by the Daimyo's deadly puppet, White Tiger.  Checchetto fills in wonderfully for the intense, gritty pencils that has been handled so well by Salvador Larocca.

It is just too bad that the release of news by Marvel on Black Panther eventually becoming the new Man Without Fear couldn't have been held back a bit closer to the end of this arc.  Don't you think?  Either way, we will be buckled in to the end of Shadowland-- so what role will Elektra play?

4   daytripper #10  Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba     
The Ba/Moon brother's chronicles of Brazilian, obituary-scribe, family-man Bras--comes to an end, but not in quite the way I expected.

I have become so used to seeing many people meet their tumultuous fate and the most unlucky of em all has been the protagonist.  Daytripper has been a delicate, culturally-rich, as visual as it is emotional, guidebook to a man's life, as told though his craft-- of writing on the loss of one's life.

For some reason, scenes from Inception with Cobb and Mal living out their tender, elderly years within their imagined world flashed in my mind, as I got to see that Bras and Ana were doing the same.  But was this real or just a dream?  Props to Pearly for turning me on to this fine piece of art!

3   Justice League: Generation Lost #9  Judd Winick & Fernando Dagnino
The JLI continue to unravel with Rocket Red down, Fire going solo on finding Max, leaving the rest of the odd squad to help convince Ice not to quit.  Fire finds Max, but quickly learns how undermanned she is in taking him on, becoming one of his pawns.                    
Soon after, Skeets pulls a page from R2D2, pinpointing Lord's location for the rest of the JLI to face him, but also feels the pain ( or whatever robots go thru) via Lord.

As you would expect, it leads to a face-off between Booster and Max.

With incredible action sequences via Dagnino (who busts a damn good Pasarin impression) we see how

much Booster has grown in his abilities, experience, role as leader of the JLI and takes this round though with Lord's escape, we know this battle is far from over.  Next up, Magog! 

2   Green Lantern #57  Geoff Johns & Doug Mahke
With the hunt for the Lantern Entities rolling through now to the Star Sapphires, what better place to connect greed and love than in Vegas baby!  Yeah, and the look and feel of the Sapphire entity- Predator couldn't have been better conceptualized as with some perv who is in fact lurking/stalking some unassuming woman in the casinos. 

Predator and Carol Ferris take the spotlight from Larfleeze & his entity- Ophidian with Hal clumsily attempting to make situations better, but thankfully Johns allows GL's interactions to be more as a spectator so that the other New Guardians can be better showcased.

Carol eventually understands Predator's issues with feeling love and with Hal, jealously looking on-- gets all kissy face to exorcise the powerful Aeon (yes, I play Final Fantasy)..I mean Entity and then being throned as the new queen of all of the Star Sapphires.  Cool yeah?

1   Batman and Robin #14  Grant Morrison & Frazier Irving

Morrison's demented tale hits it's bloody-fabulous crescendo with Mr. Pyg & Black Glove facing off against none other than Batman and...Joker??!!  Yes, yes and yes.  Who better than to take out the man that made Bruce go all Zurrenrah than the master-clown of craziness himself.

Irving's atmospheric visuals are as beautiful as they are impressively connected to the feel of the script. The opening of the book is highlighted by yet another classic Robin vs. Joker faceoff that was so entertaining and truly captured Morrison's scribe-genius.

Love, love, love this issue.

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