Aug 19, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 8.19.2010

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Last Wednesday I found myself leaving Comics Conspiracy with at least 20 books in hand so it all but consumed me to the point that I missed this regular feature--DOH!!  Who here is not reading R.E.B.E.L.S.?!  Oh-em-gee, so I ended up picking up the current Brainiac arc and then found the rest of the issues after the Blackest Night specials in my box...and I just might be picking up the rest of the series (1-10 soon..ugh)  Okay, I am back.  These are the titles that I traded in for dead prez this week:  Power Girl #15 / Secret Avengers #4 / Green Lantern Corps #51 / Brightest Day #8 / Justice Society #42 / Legacies #4 / Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley / Wolverine Weapon X  #16

1  Power Girl #15  Judd Winick & Sami Basri  
Like that REBELS rant I went on, PG is another title that I have been telling friends is off the chain.  Funny thing is they all knew already.  Oh I am so slow yeah.  The pace is mad quick cos it's a serious slug-fest between the mysterious, Parasite-look a like- Crash (yeah the name is lame) and miss Starr.

Through the brawl, PG gets all cerebral and concocts her Korean-manservant-technophile into cracking into some government secret files to see what makes this Purple-ruskee tick.

They endup discovering Crash's softspot but little does PG know that this was all a crackpot plan to power-up/test this "weapon" with a heavy hitter.  Ha!!  Bet you thought I was going to throw the spoiler your way huh?!  Good Lord...Basri's art is like optic crack.

2  Secret Avengers #4   Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato    The much-hyped image of Commander Rogers taking on the power of Nova to help release...Nova from the possession of the Thorned Crown was kinda anti-climactic.  But as usual, the Brubaker/Deodato combo brings the pain on those panels with the odd squad of Beast, Valkyrie, Sharon, Ant-Man, Moon Knight, War-Machine and Black Widow in every way-- to more than make up for that meh moment.  

Ant-Man coming up clutch was raw, especially with everyone not believing he had anything to do with the win.  Build-up for the next arc with the Shadow Council and Nick Fury is looking sweet, just a shame that we only have 2 more issues of the Brubaker/Eaglesham Super-Soldier mini.  Ah bummahs!!

3  Green Lantern Corps #52   Tony Bedard & Adrian Syaf

It was real crafty how they created an angle for Cyborg-Supes to comeback and not only continue his terror on the GLC, but to incorporate the Alpha Lanterns and further entrench his villainy with the Corps as Alpha Prime. 

Rather than the standard ring-slinging brawls which are dope, don't get it twisted-- Bedard goes more sick and twisted by having Alpha Prime force Ganthet to bring the Alpha Corps back from their mechanical life-- which is a plot to have himself restored to humanity (yeah, wasn't this the guy that just wanted to die back in Sinestro Corps War?) Syaf is no Pasarin, but he is developing better fleshed out pages and hopefully he will tap into more and more of that talent.  Stewart is getting some long, overdue shine with Gardner, Ganthet and Kilowog in their own book (Emerald Warriors is pretty badass) and how about blessing us with some more Arisia??

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