Aug 19, 2010

Cornell is Killing It

9:36 AM

For all of you that regularly check in with the C&D camp --mahalo!!-- and you know how hard I am jocking Paul Cornell (with David Finch on covers and Pete Woods on interiors) in his utterly fab-fresh tale in Action Comics.  Cornell explores how Lex Luthor is going through Avarice withdrawals from Blackest Night and starts a new quest for a Black Ring.

Thanks to DC Source, we not only get an early look (coming out next week) at the jaw-dropping Finch exterior art, but also some preview pages that picks up where Lex, Lois-bot, Deathstroke and his other minions left off from the last ish, in Antarctica.

Woods continues climbing the ranks of my top interior artists and Cornell solidifies his masterful scribe-work and is up there with Judd Winick, Ed Brubaker & Geoff Johns as the creme ala creme of fave monthly writers.  Ivan Reis remixes a classic Flash/Superman cover variant and you also get a peek into what Jeff Lemire has in store for Superboy in his upcoming monthly.  Get it, get it!!! 

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