Aug 26, 2010

Classic Material- Batman: The Lazarus Affair

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Been sometime since I looked in the bins and gave due to the classic creators and their stories that have paved the way to make the world of comics what it is today.  So at that, going with legendary scribe Marv Wolfman's timeless tale- The Lazarus Affair-- originally told in Batman issues #332-335.  What makes this story so good?

First off, this is the beginning of the end for the classic duo of Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson).  Along with Dick maturing and beginning to grow out of his sidekick role, Wolfman spices it up by having Talia Al Ghul make her move on Bats-- which wears Robin down even more as the third wheel-- when Bruce allows her to stay with them.

While Talia continues to work Bruce out of his need to have his young ward around, Robin in somewhat of a desperate act- turns to none other than the recently retired Catwoman- to help him make Bats see how he is being manipulated.

Oh how sweet it is!  Sure there is plenty of action, which highly resembles the Bond flicks that were such the rage in the early 80's and of course some undercover detective work- where Bruce and Talia try to figure out who has been siphoning off millions from Wayne Enterprises.  Meanwhile, Selina and Dick are working to figure out the haps on some odd local gang dealings with Lucious Fox's son and are tipped off by King Faraday to meet in in Shanghai for some serious Bat-biz. 

Catwoman slowly begins to show signs that Robin isn't the only one emotionally conflicted on their adventure.  In classic Wolfman fashion, he pours it on thick with the drama and tugs at the emotional shackles he has you locked into. 

After more tussles with mutates and other baddies, everyone ends up getting captured, well except Talia and as some of us may have thought...there is something else sinister going on.  Some voice from behind the scenes continues to tell Talia that there is only death without joining him/her...and soon enough we find out why.  Yes, a Curious Case moment.
Low and behold, the dark force behind everything is a very much alive--the Demon's Head-- Ra's Al Ghul.

 Ra's uses the Lazarus Pit to sway his daughter back to his side and looking like a 20yr old again...ah, sorry Selina!

Though you feel a lot more of the age in this book in the fight scenes and would would make any MMA grappler feel a bit..ahem..indifferent- this book does go out with a bang.

All is well back in the batcave, Selina retains her mysterious single-life, Talia's youth and moral standing is restored though she decides to do her own thang, leaving Robin & Batman back to their bromance status-- free and clear of any women to come between them..for now..

The late Jim Aparo covers are a thing of beauty.  Classic realness yo.  Out!

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