Jul 26, 2010

SDCC 2010 Edition- DC Day Finale part 2

5:05 PM

In the final DC Nation panel- Event Horizon, story Editor-- Ian Sattler moderated a ton of top writers for the big name books that bring us back to the shops on a weekly basis.  
Here is a quick and dirty rundown:                      Judd Winick-  Red Hood the Lost Days / Justice League Generation Lost
Aaron Lopresti- Justice League Generation Lost / Weird Worlds: Garbage Man
Nick Spencer- Action Comics / T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
Gail Simone- Secret Six / Birds of Prey
James Robinson- Justice League of America / Justice Society of America
JT Krul- Green Arrow / Teen Titans 
J. Michael Straczynski- Brave and the Bold / Wonder-Woman / Superman

Of the many topics, news and comments from the creators and readers-- I realized a few things like-- how awesome everyone thinks JMS is on the B&B book (I am just hoping that his Wonder Woman and Superman titles follow suit), especially his recent Legion and Batgirl/Zatanna/Wonderwoman arcs.

Yes, the Eisner better come his way next year!!!  Secondly, Nick Spencer will be bringing
Chloe Sullivan of Smallville officially into the pages of the DCU in the second feature portion of Action Comics- Jimmy Olsen.  Man, about time yo!  And the Crime Syndicate (Justice League Earth 2) will be making an appearance in the pages of Justice League!  Such a great concept to be bringing back just a bummer that they couldn't have aligned it better with the animated feature three months ago.

The second panel to fullfill my DC-head ways was the Emerald Empire session piloted by GL Editor- Eddie Berganza with Intergalactic world creators- Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Tony Bedard and Joe Prado.

What was immediately apparent was
how mellow, calm and just chill these 5 cats played off of eachother despite the otherworldly pressures of carrying the load of show fanaticism over Green Lantern. I admit to be one of the
countless others that has been skeptical on anything that hit the interwebs on the GL flick since the EW reveal of the costume.

Johns assured the crowd that the costume is meant to be seen in motion and through action which made a lot of sense and for some reason, I never thought that his hand would have such influence over the film (Johns is a Co-Producer!).

Further, after seeing the Abin Sur corpse design, I can see why the black lines through the costume may be used to bring some CGI magic to it.  The whole panel emphasized how all true GL readers will be excited about what we will see as more production is completed on the film.  It was damn cool to hear from Berganza that in the crazy, packed, had to stay in line since 4am to get in that I missed-- GL film panel-- Geoff Johns was like the go to panelist through most questions.  As it should be I say!

Reis was as cool a guy as I expected while he shared funny and candid behind the scenes stories on his experience working on everything GL, from Sinesto Corps War to Blackest Night where he said the GJ scripts he needed to work off of went from 17 to 23 pages to a grueling 25-29 pages a month!  This gave me an even greater appreciation of his beautifully, detailed work that as Johns reiterated, is always on time! 

Prado, who I didn't realize was the primary conceptual designer of the over 150 Black Lanterns-- helped his fellow Brazilian- Reis, through some of the panel and really brought some comedy into the session-- ranting about how there was over 17 versions of Martian Manhunter in his Brightest Day revival and how that translated into over 150 emails. Breganza and Johns jumped in seriously adding, it was all about the boots.  Just outright comedy.

Bedard, who I enjoy from Sirens of Gotham, R.E.B.E.L.S. and now GL Corps brought even more of the laugh-tracks to the crowd.

He talked on how his goal is to remain faithful to the GLC world that has been shaped so incredibly by Tomasi, Gibbons and Gleason.  The most memorable moment of the panel was how Bedard set himself up with a bit of pause and told the crowd it is his goal to get John Stewart laid.  Johns immediately said something like- whoa I didn't expect you to say that!

4 hours later of doing my DC panel thang we all chanted the Green Lantern oath, I cruised down to the DC booth and got to meet Prado, Reis and Adam Hughes...then came across a booth where Cliff Chiang-- cover artist extraordinaire was doing commissions and I had to pick up this genius remix on Purple Rain.

SDCC 2010 delivered on all the excitement and anticipation that I could have hoped for and I am seriously, already pumped on what 2011 will be like.  For more of our experiences through pics-- check em here.

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