Jul 26, 2010

SDCC 2010 Edition- DC Day Finale part 1

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From learning anything on missing panels or sitting my ass way in the back the first 3 days, I got super early for the final DC Nation: Event Horizon and Green Lantern: Emerald Empire. 

On making way to Ballroom 6A and posting there hard for the next 4 hours, I got to take in some of the best cosplay of the week.  Like how about an age-appropriate Teen Titans!

The kids were super friendly, costume quality was on point and they all totally stayed in character.  From L to R- a seductive Raven, an emo Aqualad, Robin in a heroic stance, a playful Gar and shy but gorgeous Starfire.

After catchin' the incredibly detailed and uber cool Abin Sur -- directly from the set of next Summer's GL flick -- I bumped into a fierce Thanagorian- Hawkgirl at the WB booth.
From head-to-toe she looked like she just flew out of an Ed Benes drawn Justice League book.  Especially loved her headpiece, gauntlets and mighty spear.

Cos I just couldn't get enough of getting my game on at the DCU Online booth, swooped by for one more run thru the Batcave and got to meet up with Selina Kyle--the mutha-effin' Catwoman!!!

For me she was easily the most impressive cosplay(er) of SDCC, don't you agree??!!  Hells yeah!

It must have been my luck but from all the panel-line-madness, I got to walk right into 6A (sure it was an hour prior to the DC Nation) which I had no, zero, ziltch idea about what it was--the name of the panel was The Event.

The house was packed, pitch black (from watching the pilot) and I told one of the ushers that my GF was up in the front (no she wasn't but need angles to get what you want at SDCC), thinking that was the best way for me to get a good seat for the next 2 sessions-- and ah yeah-- there was one seat open in the second row from the panelist area!!  Score!

Despite not being a major TV guy- I watched only a few episodes of Lost or 24 and never got hooked, the pilot for The Event was riveting, interesting and edited in a way that was very character-driven.

The Event will be aired in the famed Monday at 9pm slot next Fall and is hoping to find a place for the millions of Lost/24 viewers that are looking for a new addiction.

Alright, so I got my seats and am ready for some cereal DC-head coverage.

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