Jul 9, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 7.08.2010

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Another one of those "holiday" weeks makes hump-day a lot less cool, whatevs its Friday and somehow I got through all of these books already...shoots! :  Batman & Robin #13 / The Atom Special #1 / Shadowland #1 / Red Hood: The Lost Days #2 / Brightest Day #5 / JSA All-Stars #8 / Secret Six #23 / izombie #3 / Scarlet #1 / Fantastic Four Annual #32

1   Batman and Robin #13  Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving

Morrison is doin his damn thing on both Bat books this month and it doesn't hurt that with Bruce returning, we finally get the Joker back. 

Irving's mood & graphic steez paralyze the senses keeping you so drawn in-- I was struck-- not letting my mind's muscle memory simply flip from panel to panel, but just linger some- to appreciate every beautiful detail put into his work.

This ish is loaded with dopeness from the beginning with haunting images of Black Glove at one of his elitist swinger-parties, the great detective team-up between Gordon and Dick as they figure things out and of course the topper-- Damien, finally getting back to his nasty side and letting it out on the clown prince with a mouthful of crowbar (poetic justice for yah right JT?)  Things only look more and more bleak for the new-school, dynamic duo and hopefully they get some needed help from the Bat-cavalry. 

2   The Atom Special #1  Jeff Lemire & Mahmoud Asrar
Damn. Gary Frank is a cover-killin beast!!

This book caught me a bit by surprise as I didn't hear anything about Jean Loring or Hawkman, who so often find themselves as necessary components to Ray Palmer's story.  Thanks for that Lemire!

Geoff John's Blackest Night really got me into the Atom and since hearing that indie creator Lemire was handling this upcoming second feature in Adventure Comics, I was naturally juiced for this ish.

Appreciated the library-lovefest going on and tho the pace was a bit slow for my taste, I thought Palmer's origin was imaginatively scripted.  Just keeping dem fingers crossed that Atom eventually takes over for Legion as the featured story for Adventure, or simply gets his own book.  Like Brazil, Turkey is home to some fab artists like Cinar and Asrar.

3   Shadowland #1 Andy Diggle & Billy Tan

Diggle and Tan look to take good ole DD out of the superhero community with this mini that from the first ish-- is what I was clamoring for and more.  John Cassaday creates another neck-breaking cover that lets us in on what is to come from this long overdue and much-anticipated Daredevil crossover event.

Diggle lets loose by jumping right into the drama that DD's dark turn has stirred within the Avengers and we see how all of his closest allies- Power-Man, Iron Fist, Moon-Knight and Spidey, are tasked with giving a "helping" hand.

Again the characterization by Diggle is phenom with keeping Matt Murdock completely out of this story, so we can finally see DD complete his transformation as the Hand's ruthless Shogan.  And Tan does this in classic fashion that would even make Frank Miller smile. 

After reading Bendis & Maleev's much hyped, Scarlet-- I reflected a bit yesterday on the Oscar Grant verdict that shook the Bay Area, California and the rest of the world and couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of lost faith in our broken social system.  In the US, we can create billions off of a-one-all product that weighs less than 2 lbs and allows you to work, play and everything else at your fingertips--we

Courtesy of  Paul Sakuma/AP

can have a 25 year-old King (with only a high-school degree) that generates more wealth in our country than any other doctor, judge or educator-- but we can't rightfully convict Johannes Mehserle for executing murder on a young, unarmed man with countless witnesses present.  I have numerous friends that are in the civil service biz that train daily and few to none would agree that a glock could be confused for a taser.

Thanks for that break from reality Bendis- you d*ck!

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