Jun 15, 2010

New Game Trailer- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

10:35 AM

Serious props to the marketing/licensing team behind the whole Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film, due in mid-August-- as the buzz gets even louder with this 16-bit downloadable throwback that will be avail the same week as the flick on the PlayStation Network.

The screenshots have the look and feel of the O'Malley books with powerups, coins, wacky kung-fighting and even 2D scrolling that bring me back to fighter co-op classics like Double Dragon.  The IGN trailer that was shown at E3, looks to have 4 playable players- Scott, Ramona, Stills and Kim (there has to be unlockable players yeah?) and has an awesome sound that reaks of Scott Pilgrim awesomeness.

Okay so can it be July 20th already so we can get our hands on book 6 already??!!  Gee-whiz-- it's time to power up and air-juggle bitches!

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