Apr 12, 2010

indie rawkus- Devil & Joe the Barbarian

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Let's all agree on something, everything not DC or Marvel is considered indie right?! Okay I have not covered a fair share of the other publishing houses that make up nearly 25-30% of comics, but definitely take up half of the conversations I have at the shops-- so, I shall proceed- and continue to rock the (indie)mic.

Devil is a special kinda book for many reasons- first off it is the very first original Japanese manga released first in the States.  Yeah, so all those times crazy otaku wishing they were in Akihabara for the newest manga, games and toys finally have something to brag about cos of Dark Horse and Madhouse (Dagger of Kamui, Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll- yes, 3 of the most bomb-ass anime evar) genius collab.

Torajiro Kishi scribes and provides art on this hypnotic, twisted, sci-fi/noir-kine take on the ever-so-trendy vampire genre. 

The pace is fast & tho the panelling is of western-links you definitely get the raunchy-goodness that we all love about this imported art form.  The only pure "devil" Mariko, is hauntingly gorgeous and evokes the classic, femme-fatale that so exemplifies anime.  Devil #3(of 4) hits stands later this month and the earlier issues are still pretty easy to find.

Both co-creators of Joe the Barbarian hold mainstream appeal and maintain a hold on underground comics audience.  Few can flip the script so effortlessly from such bi-polar works as Hellblazer to Teen Titans (Murphy) and Seaguy to Batman & Robin (Morrison).

No doubt, Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy seize childhood nostalgia and our attention in this wondrous Vertigo line fantasy.

With this beautiful, flat-out bananas splash page you get it all...

In a number of ways, Joe the Barbarian clings to you like that of Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth-- allowing your imagination to run wild with the protagonist-- but making you think to yourself is this real or just some troubled kid's fantasy.  Joe the Barbarian #4(of 8) also comes out the last week of April but you may have a hard time finding earlier issues.

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