Apr 13, 2010

Finch is Killiing It

2:15 PM

Whoa. That pretty much sums up the drool I am attempting to slurp up as it rolls down the side of my cheek from this massive cover ala the reason I fell hard for the New Avengers-- David Finch.  Wait so this doesn't do it for you huh?

Well then how about these apples??  Not only will Finch be slaying the bi-weekly Brightest Day covers, but starting on Action Comics #890 (which also bring us new ongoing writer Paul Cornell), he will flex his mighty pencil on Lex.  Oh yeah and let's not forget the special treatment of Batman #700 that will be also have Grant Morrison back for the ish.

Thanks for the feed Alex!  Drip, drip, drip.

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big O
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