Apr 5, 2010

Gaiking: The OG Super Robot Mecha

4:14 PM

photo courtesy of Toys2Remember.com

Toy robots kick ass. We all know that. Especially for the late 70's-80's kid ages 7-11. The impact of Star Wars and Japanese robotic characters granted kids to be masters of their universes crafting fun action scenes together. Along with siblings and friends, make shift fortresses were created with whatever was at hand while arguing over toy selection.

These action scenes were then heightened through the catchy, monotone, pre-pubescent robotic noises that command authority and impact. The laser-like sounds and gigantic explosions come as natural as blowing bubblegum. I had the pleasure of owning an Ultraman, Maxmillin (Disney's Black Hole), a slew of Transformers and even a Go-Bot or two. Yet none, did more damage than my 2ft. tall Shogun Warrior (SW) Gaiking. I only had one SW cause I had no idea there were two others nor really cared to ask. I simply focused on kicking and smashing all miniscule action figures to bit.

As I'm sure many of you can appreciate (especially the 30-somethings), the action heroes we held and breathed life into in our homes continue to make their way onto the big screen. I was pleased to see ol Gaiking arise this week. Despite losing all his missles, and eventually making room for my toy Godzilla. Gaiking was a memorable homeboy.

And as for that Gaiking teaser...

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