Feb 3, 2010

WTF moment of the week- Batman and Robin

11:08 AM

In a slam-bam-thank you (dood/mama ur preference) kinda way we are treated to not only the premier of Canadian artist Cameron Stewart (who bromanced with Morrison on dope indies like- Invisibles and Seaguy) gracing the pages of Batman and Robin, but also a special guest that we have all been waiting to see hit the DCU beyond that of Detective Comics...Batwoman!!

No doubt, Greg Rucka (including JH3 and Jock) has been profound in fleshing out Kate Kane-- but besides James Robinson's minor attempt (in a few panels of Cry for Justice) at adding to the creative life of this femme fatale, Rucka has been the sole, creative controller.

Enter Morrison and Stewart.

Kane handles herself with Grayson and cos of Morrison's subtle, well-crafted wordsmith, depth is added to Grayson's character in how he justifies why he would go to such lengths at "bringing back" Batman/Bruce Wayne. This issue sets the stage for what looks to be an incredible adventure involving Batman, Knight, Squire and Batwoman taking on...a Lazarus pit, revived Bruce Wayne??  (okay, we know it's a doppelganger, right?).

Check this fab session of Cameron Stewart in finishing mode for a page of Batman and Robin.  Dopeness indeed!!!

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