Feb 7, 2010

Missed Connections- C.P. Smith's Wolverine

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The most talented of artists often have their hands on many books through their career, but it is often the case that they make their mark by really connecting with one character: be it Neal Adams on Batman, Frank Miller's Daredevil, Todd McFarlane on Spidey-- and in just 4 years, C.P. Smith is carving out just that with Wolverine.

Though Smith has touched less than 10 titles of Logan with his imaginative, distinctive graphic style, it is clear how easily he delves into the hyper-violent and equally emotional world of the mutant samurai.

In Wolverine #41, Smith teams with Stuart Moore on a very memorable one-shot that captures Logan as a deadly killing machine, fighting his way through a civil war torn Africa- with one mission in mind, delivering "the package," an infant baby to safety.

Smith crafts his illustrations and use of colors beautifully, somehow managing to apply pastel washes to Wolvie slashing or in peaceful moments of intimate dialogue.

This month's release of Wolverine: Weapon X takes Logan through his gloriously, tragic love life that is covered by women in his life (X-Men ladies)as he faces one of the greatest threats he has yet to face, a new GF.

The photorealistic imagery CP delivers is breathtaking and oh how we would all just wish for some regular ongoing work by this creator on Wolvie. Oh well, I suppose I can just go and pickup some of those Wolverine: Noir titles...

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