Feb 11, 2010

They Make Good Dwa-rings Brah:January 2010

2:42 PM

These artists set off 2010 with a bang. Here's the Top 7 artists for the month of January (Rhyme Tyme Edition):

7. Scott Clark / Justice League:Cry for Justice #6
Scottie hot to trottie, props for making Prometheus a bad-ass and Donna Troy a hottie

6. Gary Frank / Superman, Secret Origin #4
Gary, it's quite amazing with your likeness of Chris Reeve…lemme be frank, Gary - kinda scary

5. Jock / Detective Comics #861
Jock taking over the Dark Knight Family on the Gotham City block. Not at all bad, I ain't sad

4. Salvador Larroca / Invincible Iron Man #22
Your art is so beautiful Mr. Larroca, I kinda wanna choke 'ya

3. Francis Manapul / Adventure Comics #6
Oh Franny, your art's so fine, you art's so find it blows my mind, Franny!!!

2. Roberto De La Torre #504
The gorgeous creations from De La Torre perfectly capturing the dark and gritty Daredevil story

1. Doug Mahnke / Green Lantern #50
Doug taking over the top spot making others shrug, you have a right to be smug

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