Jan 19, 2010

Goin Local- Tyson McAdoo

2:09 PM

Make way for ATLien and Joe Kubert's: SoA alumni- Tyson McAdoo who worked many years in the comicbook industry for nearly every company and eventually found his niche; which has led to such bodacious masterpieces as his original piece below...

Tyson has fused the world of tattoo-art and comics on a more stylistic level than I have been exposed to before-- while keeping true to the indie feel of expression, he casts a compelling commercial appeal across various consumer channels.

His published work- The Death of Me, propels his flair for the female anatomy centerstage in ways that leaves the reader- in need of wiping my their glasses and salivating for what is on the next page.  Peep the delicious footage from an art show last year that brought his book to life.

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