Dec 7, 2009

They Make Good Dwa-rings Brah:November

10:27 AM

These creators stuffed my pie-hole with superb artwork. My top 7 artists for November.

7. Mauro Cascioli - Justice Leaque:Cry for Justice

This Argentinian's artwork are like paintings. You have to take time with each panel to truly appreciate it. With all due respect to one of our favorite writers, James Robinson, the word bubbles seem to get in the way of the beautiful art. In Roy Harper's viewpoint, beauty hurts.

6. Jerome Opena - Vengeance of the Moon Knight

A-Plus artwork for a B-list villain & B-list hero. Heck, A-Plus work for even an A-List hero.

5. Carlos Pacheco - Ultimate Avengers

The fight sequences between Captain America and the current Ultimate Avenger roster are drawn with beautiful fluidity by this talented Spaniard. He also shows us how evil looks like with his version of Red Skull aka Captain America's son. I know, only in the the Ultimate Universe.

4. Ethan Van Sciver - Flash:Rebirth

Van Sciver's extremely detailed work of the heroes and villains of the Speed Force are mind-blowing.

3. JH Williams III - Detective Comics

The great-nephew of country music legend Hank Williams is the perfect artist to delve into Kate Kane's past. Williams the 3rd and Greg Rucka are a match made in Bat-heaven for the best Bat-book out.

2. Roberto De La Torre - Daredevil

I love the dark path the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen and current leader of the Hand is taking. Paving the way is De La Torre's excellent work for one of the best titles Marvel has to offer.

1. Doug Mahnke - Green Lantern

The compelling zombie-space-opera is finally at its midpoint. Doug Mahnke's take on the Rainbow Rodeo vs. Nekron's Black Ring fiends is by far the best rendition out of the Lantern titles.

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