Dec 5, 2009

if you don't know, now you know- Nemesis

3:10 PM

Yesterday, CBR posted an interview on the dream-team of Millar and McNiven's (Civil War, Old Man Wolverine) next big project- Nemesis.

The creators flaunt this openly as a anti-hero homage to two of DC's greatest creations-
Batman and the Joker.  I honestly feel a bit indifferent on the idea though the track record of any M&M collabo has secured success and bigtime sales.

The Spaceghost/Moonknight looking dood will be hitting shops under Marvel's indie line- Icon, like that of dope books- Criminal and Incognito.  I suppose that if Image can to this day print Marvel character spinoffs with success, why can't Marvel do the same to DC?  Zing!

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