Dec 2, 2009

Frank is Killing It

6:08 PM

We have all seen this oh so familiar moment over a thousand times. Lois is in trouble, Clark runs to the nearest secluded alleyway...

and then..

the famous strip-down to the red and blue boy scout.

Some folks at a shop today was contemplating jumping on this book, saying why should I hear this same old Superman origin story again?  I repeated to her what Jim Lee recently said in an interview with Wizard.  Lee was asked to be less than humble on his direct impact on comics in the last decade and he replied that many of his contemporaries thanked him for (Batman: Hush) igniting excitement back into creating in the trenches on a 30 day schedule.

This is what Gary Frank is bringing to the game in his partnership with Geoff Johns on this book straight up.  And how about the news on Frank and Johns taking on Bats in a new continuity- Earth One...sick design bringing back the classic yellow symbol but can they shed new light beyond what was done 3 years ago by Frank Miller and Jim Lee?  Hmm...I will peep it just for the high end format which should look stunning.

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