Nov 4, 2009

They Make Good Dwa-rings Brah:October

11:22 AM

There was a plethora of great books & art in the month of October. Here's my top 7 artists of the month.

7. Francis Manapul - Detective Comics

I shed a single tear because Mr. Manapul's Adventure Comics run will end in January (Adventure Comics #6/#509). Alas, I dry my eyes because he will be taking over Flash with Geoff Johns. YAHTZEE!!!

6. Robert de la Torre - Daredevil

This Spaniard's dark & gritty art perfectly mirrors the road & actions of Matt Murdock's forthcoming path. Gravely beautiful.

5. Salvador Larroca - Invincible Iron

As I mentioned in Adamantium Arc's, Larroca makes a beautiful contribution to one of the best story-arc's of the year. FYI - the trade is out now.

4. Carlos Pacheco - Ultimate Avengers

Not to be harsh but Ultimatum was a big piece of crap-on-a stick. I was close to cutting off the Ultimate Universe. Thankfully, Pacheco (and Mark Millar) made that hard to resist with their relaunching of this book. Welcome back.

3. Doug Mahnke - Green Lantern
The multi-tie-in super-duper event, Blackest Night, is the Shangri-La of this year's stories. But if I had to pick one title out of the Blackest Night books, Mahnke's work on Green Lantern is the cream of the crop. He perfectly captures the essence of all colors of the Emotional Spectrum. Like Carol Ferris says, "it's beautiful".

2. JH Williams III - Detective Comics
You must be riding on the short bus if you haven't been reading Williams Cubed current run on Detective Comics. In Detective Comics #858, he brilliantly uses 3 different art styles to explore Kate Kane's (Batwoman) past. Someone needs to sprinkle rose petals behind him wherever he walks.

1. Mike Choi / Sonia Oback - X-Force
Some artists are just meant to draw certain teams/characters. Choi & Oback does this with my favorite X-title, X-Force. Especially with their depiction of Laura Linney (X-23). As you can see, this 16 year-old looks like she's the deadliest of the James Howlett family. And this is with missing an arm.

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