Nov 14, 2009

Real Ninjas Use Maybelline

3:20 PM

With Thanksgiving Holiday coming around the corner also brings the wave of films to compete for movie-goers $$.  Right on top of my list is the Wachowski Bros produced- Ninja Assassin.

What to expect from any ninja-genre flick, about family betrayal, lots of blood splashing moments and of course the necessary sword standoff finale! What intrigued me most
about this flick besides the ninja moments captured Matrix-stylee is that the original script was re-written by comics scribe-god, renaissance-man J. Michael Straczynski (Brave and the Bold, Babylon 5, Thor).  Check out this latest preview released by MTV this week.


With all the trends of 80's chic being the key-influencer in all pop culture these days, it makes sense that the ninja-craze makes a comeback in 2009.  For those old school kids that experienced these times directly, one name can be said that is synonymous with the Japanese mystic art- Sho Kosugi.

Like the star of Ninja Assassin (korean pop sensation, Bi Rain), Sho Kosugi was well known for his emo-ways of wearing eye-makeup despite his master-killer ways.  What I love from comparing these two flicks are the generational layers that resonate like- in Ninja Assassin: a Korean kid playing a Japanese that has an African-American love interest and a predominately Asian cast, compared to Revenge of the Ninja: (and all the other 20+ ninja films from the 80s) a Japanese with very limited dialogue with an always blonde lover and all white cast.  Oh how far we have come in 20 years- cumbaya....

Enjoy the pure 80's nostalgia from the clip below, though it is a bit long it is sooo worth it!

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