Nov 11, 2009

rated-B, 4 badass Daredevil!

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I plowed through my Wednesday pickup of a modest 10 books and besides my bias towards Blackest Night anything (what a time to jump on Booster Gold tho)...Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre's Daredevil made me feel calm and serene.

Why would a DD book known for it's hard-boiled, riveting action and stark dialogue equal anything synonymous with say bliss?

This is due to the state of zen I am in knowing how capable this creative team is after flipping page to glorious,
fucking page in just awe.  Diggle's craftsmanship of weaving a multitude of subplots, maintaining connectedness and delivering on highly emotive moments through De La Torre's masterless pencil is on some must-read shit period.
The Hand, now under the lordship of DD is a really fly concept. The twists and turns that White Tiger, Black Tarantula, Master Izo and DD go through in the underbelly of this evil ninja clan hints at a number of directions the story may weave in to.

The return to power of Kingpin is also a beautiful thing I say.

I don't know what it is about seeing some poor chum's head getting benihana'd off as being something to chuckle at, but this is where Diggle so effectively throws in his knack for dark humor that I loved so much in Thunderbolts.

With all the sh*t that Matt has gotten himself in, I wouldn't be taking off that mask either... from being on Norman Osborn's List- which equals an endless payroll of dirty cops and judges grabbing the city by it's nuts, Kingpin with his new deadly disciple- Lady Bullseye gunning for DD and attempting to covertly destroy the Hand from within..that is just some serious shit.

With all that said, go pick up this book dammit or you might get taken...

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