Nov 24, 2009

Nintendo NES Geeks Unite. It's a Screen Saver. That's Playable!!!

7:10 PM

Ok you vintage video gamers, hold on to your Pop Tarts and Capri-Sun's. You are going to want to trash your current screen saver with the flying windows or some dancing light show and download this screen saver. Not only is it a cool looking screen saver which features classic Nintendo NES games playing in demo mode (the movies that run before you press START) BUT they are also playable. HOLY MULTIPLE NON-PRODUCTIVE WORK DAYS BATMAN!!!

While the screen saver is active, simply press the space bar. Voila!!!
Dancing A and B buttons prancing in your head. This program features a smorgasbord of NES classics - Super Mario Bros., Contra, Legend of Zelda, Mike Tyson's Punchout, Double Dragon and Double Dribble - just to name a few. The screen saver itself can feature one game or a mosaic of games, depending on your screen size.

This ridiculously awesome and time-wasting program is brought to you by UberNES which is a NES emulator for Windows written by M \ K Productions.

If you want to join the current U.S. unemployment rate of 10.2%, I suggest you download this screen saver. I suggest doing your thumb calisthenics beforehand. Carpel tunnel is a horrible disease.

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