Nov 9, 2009

Missed Connections- The Flash(s): Barry Allen & Wally West

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With Flash Rebirth #5 finally coming out next week and nearing the start of the monthly in January, how will the creative team of Johns and Manapul strike a balance between Wally West, Barry Allen and the rest of the Flash fam??

We will channel in the forensic mind of Barry himself, looking back at story arcs to unravel some possibilities on our question.

From the current Rebirth series, which focuses on the return of Barry Allen-highlights his lukewarm reception especially with him becoming the Black Flash (thx to Zoom) and taking out all his pals that use the speed force.

This is the same speed (death)demon aka Black Racer or Black Flash- that was helpful to Wally and Barry in defeating Darkseid in Final Crisis. There is obvious confusion that will take part with both Flashes sharing pages like- who is who?  I recall some chatter on each Flash having there own distinct energy charge ala GL.

Besides that- without having lame, un-natural dialogue used to keep the reader in tune with who is who, I can see this as being a distraction.

So I thought I was re-reading The Flash 139-141 (Millar and Mhan) why not just wipe out a bunch of the Flash fam so this reads more like a solo title as it is, rather than an ensemble or team book.

Probably not.  Especially with the re-emergence of Max Mercury (Flash Rebirth #4) and Kid Flash (Legion of 3 Worlds #5).  If anything, this approach to a return of all heroes fits within the mold of what most likely will be taking place post-Blackest Night. 

So with much fanfare surrounding both Wally West and Barry Allen, who will the new book center around?  Probably Barry, as Johns has been there and done that with Wally but of any writer out there...who can pull this one off?

So the reunion begins, having nearly all the speedsters in one book..we think.

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