Nov 17, 2009

JMS & Saiz are Killing It

3:55 PM

With JMS-jocking still fresh on my mind from the Ninja Assassin write-up, thought why not just roll with it and add in sweet Jesus!  Jesus Saiz (Checkmate, Titans) that is.

After reading through their 1st ish on Brave and the Bold #27 and #28 in anticipation of this week's release...I gotta say that I am definitely on board as long as they are the drivers
taking us through these "lost stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow."

What a fab way to give some shine to the obscure, less known heroes/villians of the DCU well of course with some proper A-list draws like- Bats and Flash.

JMS so eloquently delivers on believable moments and dialogue to the point where I stopped thinking so much about who is this H for Hero guy or the Blackhawks and honed in more on the story.  Saiz (who delivered some of the best pencil work ever for me back in the Countdown to Infinite Crisis one shot) is able to stand on his feet toe-to-toe meeting JMS mad scribe-work with simply brilliant imagery and shadowplay to his figures that it elevates each scenes emotion.

For great one and done reads, jump on B&B...and oh man- its still only $2.99!?!?  Dope!

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