Sep 14, 2009

WTF moment of the week

12:59 PM

So first off...props to Bendis and Marvel for making Norman Osborn, aka The Iron Patriot or better known as The Green Goblin, just the bad mutha-effer he has become in the past year primarily through the Dark Reign arc.

From last week's reads, Osborn just stole the show for me on making me say dayuum!! that's some f*cked up sh*t!!??

First from the pages of Avengers: The List (Bendis/Djurdjevic/Morales/Gracia), which is more about the dialogue of the Avengers saying Osborn is a modern day Hitler-

Sickness!!  Cap Bucky takes cred for being the one to off Hitler back in WWII!!!

The next shot is a major spoiler (let's hope they stick with it...yeah right) from Thunderbolts 135 (Diggle/Sepulveda/Martin).  Where Osborn shows how he is not to be underestimated even by the one of the foremost strategists in Nick Fury...

This issue is not to be missed and is a perfect jumping on point, well actually I lie, it is probably best to start from the beginning of Diggle's run (only nine issues ago-126)

And finally, I couldn't help but share this crazy ad from Germany that many of you have already seen...Hilter helping to spread the message on AIDS awareness.


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