Sep 1, 2009

Don't Crease The Piece of the Week

2:41 PM

Last week was a good one for comic books. A plethora of amazing stories/art (from good to amazing) - Flash:Rebirth, Green Lantern, Blackest Night:Titans, Batman & Robin, Fantastic Four/Incredible Hulk/The Darkness & Pitt (as I mentioned below), and Dark Wolverine. Even Dark X-Men:The Beginning #3 was surprisingly good.

That being said, this was a tough choice. But my pick of the week goes to:
X-Force #18
Writer:Christopher Yost & Craig Kyle / Artist: Mike Choi & Sonia Oback

This is by far the best of the X-Books out there right now. Yost & Kyle do an excellent job of capturing the essence of each character, whether it be a main or supporting member. Yes there are many sub-plots going on but it doesn't feel over-saturated (though I love the series, the Green Lantern/Blackest night arc & tie-ins seem a little much sometimes). The primary plot is the capture of X-23 and her reunion with her old handler:Kimura. Though Kimura seems to be enjoying herself (see above), Laura is far from things getting any better for her (and thats if she does).
I cannot to say enough of Choi & Oback's artwork. Choi's penciling is spot on and Oback's beautiful use of greys & dark colors captures the drama of the writing.
Equal parts of good story telling and action. And there are lots of it. If you are an X-fan, a definite must read.

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