Sep 1, 2009

Don't Call It A Come Back, They've Been Here for Years

1:37 PM

The following books have made their way back to my spine ticklin' pull list.

Fantastic Four #570
Writer:Jonathan Hickman / Artist:Dale Eaglesham

Granted, I have never really been a big fan of FF. I always thought of them as a little bit too much cookie cutter / sitcom family of the Marvel Universe. But with a new creative team taking over, darker things seem to be on the horizon for the super-powered family of four (plus 2, kiddies Franklin & Valeria Richards), as Reed attempts to solve everything. Silly smart man, nothing ever goes well when someone tries to achieve perfection.

The Incredible Hulk #601
Writer:Greg Pak / Artist:Ariel Olivetti

I've collected the green dumb mongoloid before back in the Peter David/Dale Keown days. I lost interest, when Brucey B. was always wining and being a little beeyotch. Alas, enter Pak & Olivetti. That would have been more than enough for me. But looks like Banner finally grows some steel ones and is going to team up with Skaar (son of the Green Goliath) to pick a fight with daddy. Let's get ready to RRRUUUUUMMMMMBBBBBLLLLEEEE!!!!!!

And last but not least....

The Darkness / Pitt #1
Writer:Paul Jenkins / Artist:Dale Keown

As I mentioned above, Dale Keown as always been a favorite artist of mine. Pitt has always been an interesting character and hasn't been in print for 10 years. Teaming up with The Darkness to battle some scary looking zombies makes for a good book in my eyes. If anything, the artwork will be fantastic.

Indeed, mama said knock you out...

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