Aug 30, 2009

They Make Good Dwa-rings Brah

11:59 AM

My top 7 artists for the month of August-

7. Francis Manapul / Adventure Comics

Teaming up with the writing of Geoff Johns looks like its going to be a good one.

6. Mauro Cascioli / Justice League:Cry for Justice

Amazing detail and colors. Now only if the story was as fantastic as the artwork...

5. Simone Bianchi / Astonishing X-Men

This Italian's work has much style. I love his unique paneling. Captures character emotions quite well.

4. Ethan van Sciver / The Flash:Rebirth

Ethan Van Damn...his art just jumps out the page.

3. Mike Choi & Sonia Oback / X-Force

This soon to be happily-ever-after, art/colorist duo's gritty, dark style is a match made in heaven for the X-universe's wetworks team.

2. Ariel Olivetti / Incredible Hulk

He's one of the reasons why I'm putting Incredible Hulk on my saver list. Oh, writer Greg Pak is the other reason.

1. Frank Quitely / Batman & Robin

He absolutely tore things up in All Star Superman. Now its the Dark Night and Boy Wonder's turn to get the Scottish artist's treatment. I would be a happy lad if this run would come out weekly. Oh, one can only wish.

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