Aug 21, 2009

Page Turner of the Week

9:04 AM

Daredevil #500
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Michael Lark & Stefano Gaudiano w/ Klaus Johnson, Chris Samnee, & Paul Azaceta

There are some issues that grab you by the throat, pin you up against the wall, make you say "uncle" & force you to read their title again. This issue does that for me. I have not really been keeping up with the blind, crimson-clad, lawyer since the Frank Miller days. With this conclusion of the story arc - The Return of the King - Ed Brubaker does an excellent job with the story, filled with plot twists and foreshadowing. Its almost like you don't even need to read the back issues of the story arc (though I just might have to pick them up just to have in my collection). The character of Izo is an interesting one. I like his interaction with the protagonists & antagonists of the book
For me, the ending was mind blowing *** spoiler-alert *** (Matt Murdock/Daredevil leader of The Hand?!?!?!). This presents an interesting spin on the whole Dark Reign/Harry Osborne turning evil to a hero/protector for the people. What happens when a hero is the leader of a band of evil mystical ninjas? The possibilities are endless. I love the last panel of the story with Black Tarantula & White Tiger flanking their new leader.

In comparison with the other century issues (Hulk #600, Amazing Spider-Man #600), this issue blows them away. Marvel included a preview of the next story-arc, Dark Reign:The List, which will be written by Andy Diggle (Thunderbolds, Hawkeye (Dark Reign) & art by Billy Tan (Uncanny X-Men). The preview of the story & art looks fantastic and will definitely be on my pull list next month. Along with a new short story from legendary DD writer/artist, Ann Nocenti & David Aja, reprint of a classic Frank Miller story/art:Daredevil #191, pin-up gallery & cover gallery, this issue is a definite must read for Daredevil fans new & old.

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