Aug 15, 2009

Clap It Out Word O' the Day

3:38 PM

Preface - When I was in grade school, I had a pretty severe speech impediment and mumbling issue. Therefore, I was put in a special speech/phonics class. Apparently, I was thinking faster than I could speak. So to help with my speech and words with multiple syllables, my teacher gave me exercises to clap out words/syllables/sentences. It worked. To this day, I sometimes use this technique for certain words and/or just to help with my annunciation. Hence, the Clap It Out Word O' the Day.

dolichocephalic (dä-li-kō-sə-ˈfa-lik) - having a relatively long head with cephalic index of less than 75

i.e. - Sinestro & The Leader

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