Oct 5, 2011

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- "The Malay Penguin"

10:16 PM

Detective Comics #473
DC Comics, November 1977
Writer: Steve Englehart     Artist: Marshall Rogers

Each and every cover that Marshall Rogers touched through Detective Comics #471-481 stands on its own as individual masterpieces and are so very different from the last.  What I so love about this cover is the imaginative and eerie shadow of the Penguin cast in the background as Batman & Robin are handling their biz with street thugs. 

Before the hyper-exaggerated cape of the Dark Knight was popularized by Todd McFarlane in the 90s and eventually taking on a life of its own in Spawn-- Rogers pioneered that look 20 years prior.  Rogers brief but legendary run on Detective Comics were major influences on Michael Uslan and Bruce Timm who brought Batman to life on the big screen and in animation, which for many around the world is the Batman we know and love today.

Fun Fact:  The Joker Fish which we have seen throughout the books, animation and in toys was a creation of Rogers.  RIP.

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