Sep 26, 2011

if you don't know, now you know- Halloween Cosplay Edition 2011

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Cosplay Day for everyone is coming next month and the question is what the hell will you be going as on Hallow's Eve?  Last year I was pretty spot on with some of the predictions of what costumes will be rocked. Tons of parties through the month and if you don't got a clue on who or what to roll are some ideas that will turn heads and give you some geek cred.

5   Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
The successful book /graphic novel and upcoming movie (now listed on IMDB for 2013) brings together a marriage of two popular themes- Victorian style meets Zombie. This could obviously be a great choice for a group of friends that are dressing up to start the night Jane Austen-ish sharp, clean, pre-zombie then to end the night as wrangled, meat-eating zombies. 
Pro-tip:  Bring extra makeup (grey and black paint, fake blood, ripped clothes) in case you run into friends or others that aren't dressed up and want to join you on your mauling of the party/city.

4    Superhero Gender Benders
Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor-- all the rage from this years blockbuster flicks and sure to find your way onto shelves of racks at a Spirit/Halloween shop near you.  With the right fit and physique I give props to the brothas busting their cosplay likeness but just about everything is always better on a lady. 

Still plenty of time to make your own fit or customize the over-the-counter piece that will give you a more personalized, distinctive look.  

3    The Flaming C
Conan O'Brien came to Comiccon this year with his very own COCO Museum in the Gaslamp and unsure
whether it was planned or not-- he crashed a WB Animation panel to show off his next big new thing-- an animation of his superhero likeness, The Flaming C.  Yeah it was basically a bunch of Young Justice clips with The Flaming C put in but it was still epic.  Besides having to wear pantyhose this is the ultimate, guaranteed-to-get-some action for Hallows Eve.  The ladies love Conan.  Good luck with the male camel-toe fellas!

2    Game of Thrones
Where last years most visible TV-inspired theme across different cities and parties on Halloween seemed to be zombies thanks to The Walking Dead, it looks like this year many will dress medievil.  I tend to look at the various cons through the year as a radar for what will be hot and GoT is looking to take over the zombie trend.  One of the more incredible cosplay I have seen was via the nerdybird rocking her version of Daenerys Targaryen who even caught the eye of George RR. Martin! 

I am just hoping to see at least a few doods rocking it as Tyrion Lannister surrounded with a harem of half-clad hotties.  You know you do too!!

1   Star Wars Mashup
What better way to show your love for George Lucas and his redick, non-nonsensical changes to the orginal Star Wars trilogy by creating a mashup of your own on the most recognizable icons from his films.

With the new Muppet-flick coming around the corner its timely to go as a Gonzo (hey look its Rizzo in his E-11 holster), Kermit or as Miss Piggy Trooper (better mashup would be Piggy the Hut with Salacious Kermit).  And the Bat-Vader concept as time-intensive as it probably is, could be worth it for those of you that have the ABS-crafting skills.

What are some other dope Halloween cosplay ideas that you  have seen or heard about??!! 

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