Jul 4, 2011

if you don't know, now you know- Star Wars x Adidas Originals 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

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Felt a disturbance in the Force this Holiday weekend as I came across this thanks to fellow urban-nerds hypebeast.  YES!  It's the follow-up to one of the dopest collabs in the Galaxy-- Star Wars x Adidas 2011 Fall/Winter Collection-- that appropriately centers the line with Hoth-inspired gear.
So love the everyday-living concepts used in this hilarious photoshoot that highlights the characters and styles popularized in The Empire Strikes Back.
Tops for me in design is  the Han Solo line that shows Han doin laundry-- and with most of the garments being white in the basket-- pokes fun that he is Leia's little beeyoch.  The green/orange flight jacket and shoes were made for eachother and all you really need is the holster and blaster to roundout your Han Solo fit.

The hilarity of Darth Vader as a crossing guard is creative and so damn funny.  Get in touch with your inner-Sith by sporting the hyper-stylized coat that looks to use down in replicatng his piping.  Nice add in having a hoodie attached too.  The sneaks are sick as they give ode to classic Star Wars illustrator- Ralph McQuarrie and have a nice street look to it with the art shining off of the clean white kicks.  Lightsaber not included.

Looks like Luke and the  Wampa have made up with the snow beast goin domestic on the yard-work.  Fly Rogue Squadron jacket in all white and subtle three-stripes going down each arm with a sick Top 10 Hoth-sneak to complete the Skywalker look.  And even Wampa gets some love with what looks to be some furry Stan Smiths.  You know these will all sellout so jump on it near the end of August at a local Adidas shop near you or of course the official site

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